Saturday, November 8, 2008

Humor and homelessness

November 8- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the studio the the very funny comic - Will Frankin -
whom we talked about politics, spirituality, philosophy , people, and how it all relates to life and comedy.

Also, we chatted with homeless activist - Paul Bodin of the Western Regional Advocacy Project -
Who we talked with about homeless issues, stupid laws, bad stereotypes, the best ways to cause change, and the history of the homeless laws.

Playlist: (I'm playing mainly artist I have hugged for the next month or more... except musicals)

Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - theme song (local)
Avenue Q - Musical Soundtrack - If you were gay - musical
Winsome Griffles - Meet the Griffles - Gay Cruise - local
The Gretchens - Cover your ears - Phone Jesus - Indy
Bitesize - Sophomore slump - Bed & Breakfast - local
Naker Barbies - BeastFest- I'm not going anywhere - local
The Evens - The Evens - Mt. Pleasant - Indy
Dirty Dave and the Deviants - Westside Pump Station - local & new
Uni & the Ding String Trio- As Gold - I'm on my way - local & new


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some Clean Dirty Fun

November 1- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the studio the punkie rock-in band Dirty Dave and the Deviants ( and erotic dancer turned author - Becca St. James.

We talked about music, strip clubs, politics, wacky drug use, having no babies, and favorite Showtime and HBO TV series.

Playlist: (I'm playing mainly artist I have hugged for the next month or more... except musicals)

Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - theme song (local)
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Soundtrack - This is Halloween - musical
The Slow Poisoners - Roadside Alter - Flaming Creatures of Rock and Roll - local
The Happy Tones - Play Politics - I hate Republicans - Indy
The San Francisco Mime Troupe -Eating It - The Rule of the Bottom Line - local & musical
The Beanweevils - The Beanweevil - Strip Club - local
Apple Hopes - a La Mode - Prostitution Song - local & new
The Graves Brother Deluxe - Little Love Things - Gypsies, whores, and doctors
Dirty Dave and the Deviants - Westside Pump Station - Suffocating on Cocaine, Killing all the Kennedys, cooper Love/ No Leashes in Hell, and Sex Bomb - Local and new

Played live: Coffee and cream & Killing all the Kennedy

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meat Sluts

October 25- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the studio the rock-in band the Meat Sluts

We talked about the band (of course), meat safety, cute animals, politics, and many other things.

Playlist: (I'm playing mainly artist I have hugged for the next month or more... except musicals)

Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - theme song
The Rev. Horton Heat - Holly Roller - Eat Steak - Indy band
MI Blue - Beaten to the Bone - Meat - local
Bat Boy - Soundtrack - Apology to a cow - musical
Ol' Cheeky Bastards - Bag O' Tricks - Church of the Holy Spook - local & new
Eric McFadden - The un-official non- Japanese import of the not so secret Northwest Club show - Voodoo Lady - local
The Meat Sluts - demo - Meat Sluts, Johnny con Carne, Messaround, Easy Action, & Devil Made me do it


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sex and all it's parts

October 18- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the studio the wonderful LadyMonster (Burlesque performer, actress, writer) -
and the talented and funny author - David Henry Sterry -
Also, we got a call in from my favorite Fetish Gallery owner - Rick Castro -

We talker about sex, gory movies, classic horror films, sex workers, politics, stripers, phone sex, skills learned from sex worker, and ummm... sex.

Playlist: (I'm playing mainly artist I have hugged for the next month or more... except musicals)
(LadyMosnster played some songs too)

Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - theme song
Kitten on the Keys - Kitty Muffins - Mr. Buzzy Happy Love -local
Marginal Prophets - Twist the Nob - Jackin' the box - use to be local
Jill Tracy - Diabolical Streak - Evil Night Together - local
The Graves Brothers Deluxe - Little Love Things - Gypsies, Whores, and Doctors - local
The Beanweevlis - The Beanweevlis - Stripe Club - local
Gypsy - SoundTrack - You Gotta Have a Gimmick - musical


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Pie Hopes

October 11- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the studio the wonderful 'Sophisticated Country Funk' musical styling of Apple Pie Hopes -
We talked about the band, and their music; also gay marriage and STDS.

Playlist: (I'm playing mainly artist I have hugged for the next month or more... except musicals)
Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - theme song
Killian MacGeraghty - Male Singer Songwriter - We use to kiss - local and new
Uni and her Ukelele - My Favorite Letter is U - Tell me my world is pink not blue - local
Apples Pie Hopes - a la mode - midnight Booty & Dead Fawn - local
--- plus two of their recorded last night songs---
Bonifire Madigan - Saddle the Bridge - The debut & debauchery of Anna Magdalena - use to be local
Transcendental Hayride - Per-cus-sive- Angel in the bar - local
The Seething Brunswicks - The saga and adventure of Spain and Nowhere - JPEGs of Spain - local
The Slow Poisoners - Days of the Soft Break - The God that failed - local
DJ Mysterious D -B&D Tie the Knot - Mickey at the Gay Bar & Smells Like Billie Jean - local
Bat Boy - Soundtrack - Let me walk among you - musical


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Broke Ass

October 4- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the studio the economic guidance writing of Broke Ass Stuart -
We talked about the best cheapest deals in San Francisco and New York and in general. Also, we talked about unusual SF characters and other great things about SF.

Playlist: (I'm playing mainly artist I have hugged for the next month or more... except musicals)
Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - local & theme song
Tribe 8 - Role Models For Amerika - Daredevil Delivery - local
Fleshies - Gung Ho - I just took the most punk rock shit of my life - local
Gun and Doll Show - New Blood - What I hate about pinks - local
The Beanweevils - The Beanweevils - Take a Bus - local
Mulletor - Business in the Front... - Booze, Babes, Beer - local
Kitten on the Keys - (It's not a) pretty princess day - Grandma sells my panties on E-Bay - local
Mark Growden - Live at the Odeon - Bottle Improve - local
Jeri Rossi - Local Anesthetic - I left my heart but I don't know where - local
Rent - Soundtrack - What you own - musical


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pirate Radio on Pirate Radio

September 20- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the cafe DJ Monkey of Pirate Cat Radio and Captain Fred of Berkley Radio.... they talked about the technological how, the whys, law, benefits, where to get equipment, what to do to get started, and other things.. about community, low-watt, pirate radio.

Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - local & theme song
Little Shop of Horrors - Soundtrack - WSKID - musical
They Might be Giants - Miscllaneous T - Hey, Mr. DJ You Said we Had a Deal - Indy
The Balls - Hanging with the Balls - Anarchy En Espanol - Indy
Minor Threat - Complete Discography - God Guys (don't wear white) - classic punk rock
Jennifer Blowdryer - homemade CD - Stole My Camera - local
Uncle Bonsai - Plain Brown Wrapper - Don't Put it in Your Mouth -PSA song
NOFX - Protect (Compilation) - Leaving Jesusland - Indy
The Grave Brothers Deluxe - Little Love Things - Shotgun Silence & The Goddam Sky - local
Pussy Tourette - Homemade CD - If You Don't Want to Buy It - Drag Queen
Killian MacGeraghty - Male Singer Songwriter - Catch and Release - local & new
Ricky Berger - First Album - Warning - local & new
Winsome Griffles - Meet the Griffles - Family Tradition - local & new
Uni and her Ukelele - My Favorite Letter is U - See Your Face Again - local
The Slow Poisoner - Roadside Alter - T.B Blues -local
Little Shop of Horrors - Soundtrack - Dentist - musical


Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Ready for my Close -up

9/13/08 - Lilycat on Stuff - noon-2PM
In studio interviews with Joie Rey Cohen and Stephanie from
and Stephen Parr from SF Film Achieve and OddBall Films

We talked about gender, film technology, community created by films screenings and technology, power of film, favorite films and film makes, and Prop K and 2

Rube Waddell -Mean Eyed Cat
The Slow Poisoner - The Hex and Run Rooster Run
The Girlfriend Experience - King of Telegraph
Jake Lukeman - Boys & Girls (ode to Ed Wood)
The Grave Brothers Deluxe - Gypsies, Whores, and Doctors
Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom
Pussy Tourette - Heels
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wig in a Box
Gogol Bordello - Shy Kind of Guy and Mussolini vs Stalin

Saturday, September 6, 2008

O' the horror

September 6, 12-2PM
Lilycat on stuff
In studio interview with horror and mystery writer - Simon Wood -
We talked about horror and mysteries in the news, old horror/ sci-fi shows, family secrets, his books, jury duty, and race car driving... and other stuff.

Rube Waddell - Mean Eye Cat
Little Shop of Horrors - Feed Me
BatBoy - Apology to a cow
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Lethal Injection
The Late Fees - I killed a girl
The Robber Barons - Music for Hanging
Shanghai 5 - Dead Man in a Motel Room
Tom Waits - What's he building?
Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
Nick Cave - Lay Me Low

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Decades and Sins

Lilycat on Stuff - August 30th - noon-2PM
In studio interview with Peter Vincent - creator of The '60s Diary ( and The '80s Diary
( and Leory Moore - producer of Sins Invalid -

We talked about the 60's, 80's politics (problem with two party system), people's views on people with disabilities, community, and changes through time...

Rube Wadell - Mean Eye Cat
Tom Waits - I wish I was in New Orleans
Annie Soundtrack - Hard Knock Life
Grease Soundtrack - Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
The Late Fees - Sorry I said I love you
Ani Di Franco - Hello Birmingham
Storm and the Balls - Abba-Gabba- Daviada
Fiorello Soundtrack - The Bum Won
Ramones - I don't Want to go down to the basement
Jill Tracy - You leave me cold & just the other side of pain
Groovy Judy - We can make music
JRK - Public Transit Has
Fugazi - Birthday Pony
Chicago Soundtrack - When you're good to mama
Bambi Lake - Cockette Rembrance & Cigarettes, cigars
Kitten on the Keys - My Grandma sell my panties on e-Bay & Kitty Anarchy

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Song birds

Lilycat on Stuff - August 16th - noon-2PM
I had the beautiful and talented
Uni and her Ukelele -
and Ricky Berger -
on and they played a few songs and we talked.

Rube Wadell - Mean Eyed Cat
Brilliantines - Ramona
Medicine Man - The World's Most Dangerous Man
Dandelion Junk Queens - Black Heart
Kitten on the Keys - (It's Not A) Pretty Princess Day
Candye Kane - You've Been A Good Ole Wagan
Elvis Costello - My Science Fiction Twin and Just about glad
The Evens - Blessed not Lucky
Ani Difranco - Freakshow
Bonfire Madigan - Homefulness
Uni and her Ukelele -LaLA Happy Too, The Wedding Song, See your face again
Ricky Berger - If, Big Birds

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Intersex for lack of a better word

Lilycat on Stuff -August 9- 12-2PM
So I interviewed the wonderful and beautifu writer & intersex activist -l Thea Hillman -

Romana the Pest - Somedays are wrong
Best Revenge - Cockring for Christmas
Little Shop of Horrors - Grow for me
Thea Hillman - Bad Sex
Bif Naked - Only the girl
Lipstick Conspiracy = Just a girl
BiteSize - pre-med
Pansy Division - Fem in a black leather jacket
Bambi Lake - Song to the Siren
Winsome Griffles - Antheist Gospel Song & Family Tradition

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where is my guest

Lilycat on Stuff July 26 - 12-2PM
Phone interview with Rick Castro of LA Fetish gallery - Anebellum

Freehead - Here.Kitty Kitty
Jennifer Blowdryer- You stole my camera
Arnold Corp - Preditor
Ansty Pants - Tree Hugger
Candye Kane - Forgive me
Stooges- ATM
Carna Asada - Bullfighter & Weren't areally a band
Blue Period - Papa Paparazzi

Saturday, July 19, 2008

For the Love of Candye

LilyCat on Stuff: July 19 - 12-2PM
Interviewed LadyMonster on the Candye Kane Benefit and let her play alot of Blues songs and Candye Kane songs.

Also I played cat songs looking for a theme song:
Goh- Cute and My Pet's Pet
Pussy Tourette - Fuck my pussy
Kitten on the Keys - My Girl's Pussy
Rube Waddell - Mean Eye Cat
Primus _ Tommy the Cat
FreeHead - Here Kitty Kitty
Storm & the Balls - Can Your Pussy do the Dog

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The artist in you

LilyCat on Stuff - July 12 - 12-2PM
Today's show - filmaker/ tech wrangler - Nanette Rosen (, we talked about new technology, the 48 Hour Film Festival and other ways you can get into, health care, what it takes to make it as an artist in this town and tips on money saving ideas, and how to promote your art.

Nerf Herder - Welcome to my world
The Lawerence Arms - Porno and Snuff Films
SF Mime Trope - Savin Seeds
The Merry Widows - My High Heels
The Mutants - Tribute to Russ Meyer
Jake Lukeman - Boys & Girls (Ode to Ed Woods)
Nik Pheleps & the Sprocket Ensemble - Flip Film
X - Los Angeles
Dealership - TV Heart
They Might be Giants - Hello Radio
Ani Difranco -Freakshow
The Robber Barrons - Music for a Hanging
Butthole Surfers - Underdog
Little Shop of Horrors - WSKID & Ya Never Know
The Beanweevils - I'm sooo Happy

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rock & Roll and what it never does...

LilyCat on Stuff - July 5 - 12-2PM
In studio interview with author Deborah Grabien on her new book
"Rock and Roll Never Forgets", rock-n-roll, about dealing with MS,new ways to promote you book, and the coyotes & the feral cats in Golden Gate Park.

Gun and Doll Show - Death of rock-n-roll
Henry Rollins Band - Too much rock and roll
Rick Springfeild - Who killed rock-n-roll
Rev. Horton Heat - Martini time
Orginal Sinner - Whiskey for Supper
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Eric McFadden - Freaks Like Us
Killian MacGeraghty - Catch and Release
and a The Who song

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Interns on parade

LilyCat on Stuff - June 28 - 12-2PM

So, I let the interns do large parts of the show as their last day of interning before leaving the nest and flying on their own.

We talked about - Pride, mental health, 7 deadly words, do grooming, and more..

I played:
Annie Musical - Tomorrow
Pansy Division - The Cocksucker Club
Blue Period - Be a Man
Fiorello Musical - The bum won
Winsome Griffles - Your new stupid boyfriend
Avenue Q - If you were gay
Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl
Bitesize- Proverbial Old Man
Grease - Sandra Dee & There are worst things I could do

Saturday, June 21, 2008

All hail the Sun

LilyCat on Stuff - June 21 - 12-2PM

It was an action packed show with Mike of 'The Bridge Crawl' talking a bit about the band and their up coming show. Kenne - our pagan expert explained to us about the Summer Solstice and pagan myths and activities.

Also, the 'intern' played some music and did the PSAs and the news.

Nerf Herder - Welcome to my World
The Bridge Crawl - Jean, I Don't Want to Give it a Name, & Palm Trees and Baby Blue
Galaxy Chamber - Millenum Maddness
The Atomic Fireball - Man with the Hex
Big John Bate - Voodoo Bar-B-Q
Kraftnuk - Tranus Europe Express
a song by Tami Hart
The Gun & Doll Show - Honest Girl

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Radio Free Pusspuss

LilyCat on Stuff - June 14 - 12-2PM

DJ Pusspuss (music reviewer and activist) took the reigns and talked about Pride and gave us some fab tunes to play


Jennifer Blowdryer - Stole my camera
Gun & Doll Show - Jungle Ho
Chante Moore - Can't Do it
Shell Ndegeocello - If that's your boyfriend he wasn't last night
Chantal Chamandy - More
Cyndi Lauper - Rocking Chair
The Team - Hyphy Juice
Missy Elliot - Ching-a-ling
Sia - Buttons
Angie Stone - Play with it
Janet Jackson - So much better
Lady Gaga - Just Dance
Enuk - Calabri 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It is a me day

LilyCat on Stuff - June 7 - 12-2PM
So, it was my birthday show so I had my friend Raina Bird in to hang out and talk and meet the new interns and chatted with them.

100 Watt Smile - Furry
The Gun and Doll Show - Crazy
Dandelion Junk Queens - Bones
Abba - Dancing Queen
Dr. Frank - She turned out to be crazy
The Late Fees - Can I take your medicine
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You and me and the bottle makes three
JRK - Charm your pants off & Let's get hurt
Jack Lukeman- Boys & Girls (ode to Ed Wood)
The Damned - I think I'm Wonderful & Dozen Girls
Fugazi - Waiting Room & Bulldog Front
The Porkers - Chemical Imbalance & Aporkalypso
Bat Boy Soundtrack - Let me walk among you
Two Gallents - Requim for Japantown Bowl

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Call for a Diva and one will come

LilyCat on Stuff - May 31 - 12-2PM
So my scheduled Diva guest didn't come, but Lady Monster made a surprise guest appearance and talked about Candye Kane's upcoming benefit show, tips on being a Diva - and played music by: Nicco, Betty Blow Torch, Marilyn Monroe, Candye Kane, etc....

Also played:
Blue Period - Pap Paparazzi
Storm Large - Fat Chick's Revenge
Bonfire Madigan -The Debut & Debauchery of Anna Magalena
Chicago Soundtrack - When your good to mama
Judy Garland - But Not for Me
Evita Sound Track - The Lady's Got Potential
Bessie Smith - Cake Walkin' Babies

Saturday, May 24, 2008

touch the mind - touch the body

LilyCat on Stuff - May 24 - 12-2PM
It was a great show with
--Ed who won the longest time masturbating at the 2007 Masturbate-athon came to talk about the 2008 event coming up, about getting in touch with your body, sexuality, and past your seual and body image hang ups
--Also, Paul the poet who created a couple of great poems there for us on the spot.
---Gerri Fialka talked about the Pxls Vision film festival, the nature of art and all it is and isn't. Gave information about and quotes from various media theorist; and he brought in and played such classical great music such as Sun Raw, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, P-Funk...

Playlist (of some of the music I brought)
Antsy Pants - Amazing Kids doing amazing shit
The Backboners - Loveage
Suzy Williams (Gerri's wife) - Hell-OH
Michael Dean - You lie
AttaZBoy! and Burke -Jazz Morning


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Self Love


LilyCat on Stuff - May 17 - 12-2PM
Raina Bird and Luke Degray came to talk with me about masturbation. We talked about cleaning your sex toys, sexual development, masturbation toys and ways, fire safety, and strippers with cupcakes. We celebrated Masturbation month with laughter, song, and touching true stories.

Playlist (not in order
Tom Waits - Pasty and g-strings
Simone Stinger - Touch
The Cramps - Mean Machine
The Atomic Fireball - Spanish Fly
Avenue Q - The internet is for porn
Throw Rag Race with the Devil
The Evens - If it's water
HedWig and the Angry Inch - The Angry Inch
The Dresden Dolls - First Orgasm
Modest Mouse - Convenient Parking
Kitten on the Keys - My Girl's Pussy
The Rev Horton Heat - In your Wildest Dreams
Winsome Griffles - Dan's Big Hands
M.I Blue - Meat
The Billy Nayer Show - Three Monkeys
Carne Asada - When Dogs Rule the Earth

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Diva for Day

LilyCat on Stuff - May 10 - 12-2PM

So, I did a show with info how to be our own Diva

Playlist (not in order)
Stormy Blues - Billie Holiday
Ella Fitzgerald - My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Patti Smith - Everybody wants to rule the world
But not For me - Judy Garland
Storm Large - In the Light Wedding
Bambi Lake - The Golden Age of Hustlers
Besse Smith - Nashville Women's Blue
Kitten on the Key - Not a Pretty Princess Day
Stormy Weather - Lena Horne
Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
Come Rain or Come Shine - Marlene Dietrich
Annie Lennox - Thin Line between Love and Hate
La Via En Rose - Edith Piaf
Candye Kane - Poetry Cocktail
Since I Fell for You - Nina Simone
TV Slooze - Nina Hagon

Hop - Hop Set
The Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy - Music and Politics
Marginal Prophets - Spotlight & Best Lover

Saturday, May 3, 2008

We could go both way

LilyCat on Stuff - May 3 - 12-2PM
We had a wonderful talk about bi-sexuality with Kinnari from the Bay Area Bi-sexual Network and Susana of Bi-olious.

The Kehoe Nation - Ghost Rider of the Apocalypse
Nerf Herder - Welcome to my World
Storm Larger - Ladylike
Pansy Division -Fem in a blak leather jacket
Kitten on the Keys - My girlfriend's pussy
Bif Naked - Only the girl
Marginal Prophets - Girlfriend is the best
The girlfriend experience - Kiss Kiss
Dr. Frank - She Turned out to be crazy
The Late Fee - Killed a girl
Tribe 8 - Rada Love
NOFX - Leaving Jesusland

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sing it out

LilyCat on Stuff - April 19 - 12-2PM
David Newman came back in to play songs - (He is in the Beanweevils & Herman Hate Quartet)

It was great!

Playlist (other songs played from CDs):
Antsy Pants -Vampire and Tree Hugger Budderball - Jesus got high (two versions)
Gun & Doll Show - Throw away people
Charlotte Summer - Wasted
Patsy Cline - Walking after midnight
Ian Brennan- The girl who can't say 'no'
Ferocious Few - Girl in red dress
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash
Goovie Ghoulies - Lonely Heart Blues and Ghoulies are Go!

Beanweelvis - Revolutionary Pyromaniac & Preet little A cups
David Newman - Cabie Song

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tongues and feet

LilyCat on Stuff - April 12 - 12-2PM
In the studio we had three members (Dave, Pickles, Barry) of the four piece band -
The Tongues - http://www.
--- We talked about their new CD, upcpming Europe Tour, funny show stories, and their music in general.

And there was a call in from Rick Castro of Antebellum Gallery -
--- We talked all about feet fetish and the lost of his pet fish.

The Tongues
1) Miss Polly
2) Machine
3) Ignorance & Bliss
4) Breakaway
5) # 1
6) See You Around

The Lucky Stiffs - Clement Shoes
Winsome Griffles - Birthday Party Clown
Jake Lukeman - Boys & Girls (ode to Ed Wood)
X - Los Angeles

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Puppets, music, laughter... o'my

LilyCat on Stuff - April 5 - 12-2PM
In the first half..Interviewing Angelique X-Stacy of the Shadow Circus Creature Theater -
We talked about puppets their shows, Goth- myth themes, played songs from their shows, talked about how they all got together, and their other art and musical projects.

In the second - David Newman came in to play songs and talk about taxi riding manners (He is in the Beanweevils & Herman Hate Quartet)
He played quirky - happy -dark pop songs with twisted and deep lyrics

Playlist (other songs played from CDs):
Rat's of an unusual size - Seseme Street
Avenue Q Soundtrack - If you were gay
Shadow Circus Creature Theater - Spirit of the trees, Closing song, Kafla love song,,,
Jill Tracy - Evil Night together
Little Shop of Horrors - Prologue
Shanghai 5 - Dead Man in a Motel Room & Your Drama
BudderBall - Girls who are dead and strung out & Grandpa Gus
Tom and Jerry Song track - god's little creatures
Primus -Pudding Time
Carne Asada - Not a real band


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogs and gender

LilyCat on Stuff - March 29nd - 12-2PM
Interviewing in the studio - Sarah Dopp - blogger, poet, and an interesting person in gender choices and general.
and call in from Rick Castro of Antebellum Gallery -

Storm Large - Ladylike
Blue Period GoGo Happy Girl
Antsy Pants - Vampire
Rats of Unusual Size - Elvis and the Martians
Jerry Springer the Opera - Mama Gimmee Smack on the Ass
Winsome Griffles - Atheist Gospel Song
The Rev. Horton Heat - Cowboy Love
The Beanweevils - Plak!
Pansy Division - Boyfriend Wanted
Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl
Marginal Prophets - Best Lover

Sunday, March 23, 2008

global health and the pirate cat

LilyCat on Stuff - March 22nd - 12-2PM
Interviewing in the studio - Dana Curran co-founder of World Savvy - - World Savvy helps encourage students and teachers to be more aware about World Affairs. This year the did a World Affairs Challenge -this year's challenge theme: global health.

The Evens - You won't feel a thing
Kitten on the Keys - Nurses
The Lat Fees - Can I take your medicine
The Gretchen's - Nelson's Choking
Bitesize - pre-med
The Dresden Dolls - Mandy goes to medical school
Organ Failure - Transfusion/ Brain Disease
The Porkers - Chemical imbalance
The Gun and Doll Show - Fat Police
Bedlam Rovers - Scream
Eric McFadden - el cuarto & devil moon
The Gretchen - Turtlehead & Teresa piece o' poo

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coach me

LilyCat on Stuff - March 15th - 12-2PM
Interviewing in the studio Life Coach - Michael Vav and over the phone musician Jose Promis -

We got some good coaching of me and Jose in and general talk about Life coaching.

Uncle Bonsai -Don't Put it in your mouth
The Gretchens - Roaches in My Pants & Cross- dresser
Antsy Pants - Vampire
Winsome Griffles - Family Values
Jose Promis - Drinking Alone & 29 Again & Lovers for a night
Grass Widow - Cut it all off & Green Screen

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slap me in the ass and call me progessive

Lily Cat on Stuff – March 8, 2008 – 12PM- 2PM
Interviews with two smart and amazing writers:
Stephen Elliott-
Raina Bird -

We talked about politics, rent control (which we may be losing), fair market value, New Orleans after Katrina, the truth and fiction in memoirs, and S&M- in the Pirate Cat Radio beautiful new studio/ cafe.

Happytones - I hate Republicans
Winsome Griffles - Atheist Gospel Song
Gogol Bordello - Greencard Husband
Naked Barbies- I'm Not Going Anywhere
Dash Rip Rock - Born on the Bayou
Cramps - Ultra Twist
Modest Mouse = Jesus was an only child
Strom Large - Beautiful

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Q is the letter

Lily Cat on Stuff – February 9, 2008 – 12PM- 2PM
Thanks to Jennifer Cross and Fresh for coming in and talking to me about gender, the meaning of queer, drag kings, erotica writing, and more....

(Due to tech problems there is no podcast. These things happen)

List of some bands played:
Nerf Herder, Dead Kennedys, Naked Barbie, Rosin Coven, Winsome Griffle, Uni and her Ukele, Beanweelvis, The Late Fees, Bambi Lake, Storm Larger, and Loopistation

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life Affirming Suicide

Lily Cat on Stuff – February 2, 2008 – 12PM- 2PM
Nixon Suicide of
We talked the Suicide Girls - history, how they came up with name, about the community, web site, burlesque tour, CSINY, fame, and how to become one.
Also,we talked her job at the Bone Room.

Storm Large - Ladylike
Tom Wait - Small Change
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore
Ministry - The Great Satan
Jill Tracy -Evil Night Together
The Rev, Horton Heat - Baddest of the Bad
Tom Waits - What's He Building
Throw Rag - Bag of Glue
Insecto - Moby Dick
JOAQUNA - Super Bowl
Dash Rip Rock - Jambalaya
The Billy Nayer Show - Dream Massacre & Three Monkey
Mulletor - Booze, Babes, Beer
Fleshie - The Girl with Chocolate
DA Southern Boyz - Creep Mode
Gogoh Bordillo - Strange Uncle from Abroad

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What is scarier monsters or the gaovernment

Lily Cat on Stuff – January 26, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Phone interview with author & cryptozoology (monster hunter)- Nick Redfern -
And in studio interview with Deborah Pierce from Privacy Activism - and the "Real I.D. Act"

Groovie Ghoulies - Running with Bigfoot
Bat Boy the Musical - Another Dead Cow
Big John Bates - I got the creeps
Little Shop of Horrors - Prologue
The Evens - All these governors
The Disposable Heroes of the Hiphoprisy -INS Greencard A-19 191 500
Soul Coughing - unmarked helicopters
The Clash - The right Profile
Ani Difranco - Hello Birmingham
NOFX - Leaving Jesusland
Uncle Bonsai - Don't put it in your mouth


Saturday, January 19, 2008

A health you through Pirate Cat

Lily Cat on Stuff – January 19, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Retired register nurse - Alma, who has worked with the homeless, HIV positive people, men in jail, and the disabled, and I talked about healthcare in America for various groups, holistic health, had to get the best care possible from your Dr, and swapped horror stories.

The Late Fees - Can I take you medicine
Organ Failure - Transfusion/ Brian Disease
The Dresden Doll - Mandy goes to medical school
Bitesize - Pre-med
Peggy Lee - Fever
Tom Waits - Bad Liver and a broken heart
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Angry Inch
Little Shop of Horror - Dentis
Gun & Doll Show - Spirit

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fur and Fashion


Lily Cat on Stuff – December 29, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Had a phone interview with Rick Castro, who owns a fetish art gallery in Hollywood and made a documentary on plushies and furries. We talked about the art, fashion, community, beliefs, reality, hows, and whys of fetish.

Then Jason and Natsu of Cosa Nostra fashion design came in to the studio
We talked about Casa Nostra - past, present, and possible future fashion inspirations and lines. We talked about fashion in general and how what is happening in world (politically and socially can affect that).

Insecto -Bondage Girl
Primus - Tommy the Cat
Jack Lukeman - Boys and Girls (Ode to Ed Wood)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wig in a Box
From Jason's band - Bird'sNest -
-Jeaneane Gunn & Spanish Elevator

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Lily Cat on Stuff – December 29, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Had a phone interview with Luke DeGre' - Rigger and Master
Talked about 2008 trends, rehab, gay boys with chocolate, reality TV, web sites we will start, power outages & BDS&M with the amazing hot & sweet writer and more - Raina Bird

Did news on polluted water, HIV in the African American community and a movie about it, and teenage sex - the why.


A set for the rain"
Shakey Bones - Rainy Day Song
Small Wonder - Weather Report
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - This how we do things in country

A drug & alcohol set"
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - you and me and the bottle make three
Budderball - Women who are dead or strung out
King Rockahula - Quiet Whiskey
John Lee Hooker - Whiskey & Wimmen
Winsome Griffles - Family Tradition
Tom Wait - The piano been drinking not me

A strong and alternative women (of all sorts) set"
Blonde - Rip her to shreds
Storm Larger - Ladylike & Fat Chick's revenge
Candye Kane - 200 Lbs of fun
Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom

A few other songs"
Modest Mouse - Jesus was an only child
Elvis Costello - All the rage (which we count into for a phone guest)
The Reverend Horton Heat - Jezebel