Saturday, June 28, 2008

Interns on parade

LilyCat on Stuff - June 28 - 12-2PM

So, I let the interns do large parts of the show as their last day of interning before leaving the nest and flying on their own.

We talked about - Pride, mental health, 7 deadly words, do grooming, and more..

I played:
Annie Musical - Tomorrow
Pansy Division - The Cocksucker Club
Blue Period - Be a Man
Fiorello Musical - The bum won
Winsome Griffles - Your new stupid boyfriend
Avenue Q - If you were gay
Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl
Bitesize- Proverbial Old Man
Grease - Sandra Dee & There are worst things I could do

Saturday, June 21, 2008

All hail the Sun

LilyCat on Stuff - June 21 - 12-2PM

It was an action packed show with Mike of 'The Bridge Crawl' talking a bit about the band and their up coming show. Kenne - our pagan expert explained to us about the Summer Solstice and pagan myths and activities.

Also, the 'intern' played some music and did the PSAs and the news.

Nerf Herder - Welcome to my World
The Bridge Crawl - Jean, I Don't Want to Give it a Name, & Palm Trees and Baby Blue
Galaxy Chamber - Millenum Maddness
The Atomic Fireball - Man with the Hex
Big John Bate - Voodoo Bar-B-Q
Kraftnuk - Tranus Europe Express
a song by Tami Hart
The Gun & Doll Show - Honest Girl

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Radio Free Pusspuss

LilyCat on Stuff - June 14 - 12-2PM

DJ Pusspuss (music reviewer and activist) took the reigns and talked about Pride and gave us some fab tunes to play


Jennifer Blowdryer - Stole my camera
Gun & Doll Show - Jungle Ho
Chante Moore - Can't Do it
Shell Ndegeocello - If that's your boyfriend he wasn't last night
Chantal Chamandy - More
Cyndi Lauper - Rocking Chair
The Team - Hyphy Juice
Missy Elliot - Ching-a-ling
Sia - Buttons
Angie Stone - Play with it
Janet Jackson - So much better
Lady Gaga - Just Dance
Enuk - Calabri 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It is a me day

LilyCat on Stuff - June 7 - 12-2PM
So, it was my birthday show so I had my friend Raina Bird in to hang out and talk and meet the new interns and chatted with them.

100 Watt Smile - Furry
The Gun and Doll Show - Crazy
Dandelion Junk Queens - Bones
Abba - Dancing Queen
Dr. Frank - She turned out to be crazy
The Late Fees - Can I take your medicine
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You and me and the bottle makes three
JRK - Charm your pants off & Let's get hurt
Jack Lukeman- Boys & Girls (ode to Ed Wood)
The Damned - I think I'm Wonderful & Dozen Girls
Fugazi - Waiting Room & Bulldog Front
The Porkers - Chemical Imbalance & Aporkalypso
Bat Boy Soundtrack - Let me walk among you
Two Gallents - Requim for Japantown Bowl

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Call for a Diva and one will come

LilyCat on Stuff - May 31 - 12-2PM
So my scheduled Diva guest didn't come, but Lady Monster made a surprise guest appearance and talked about Candye Kane's upcoming benefit show, tips on being a Diva - and played music by: Nicco, Betty Blow Torch, Marilyn Monroe, Candye Kane, etc....

Also played:
Blue Period - Pap Paparazzi
Storm Large - Fat Chick's Revenge
Bonfire Madigan -The Debut & Debauchery of Anna Magalena
Chicago Soundtrack - When your good to mama
Judy Garland - But Not for Me
Evita Sound Track - The Lady's Got Potential
Bessie Smith - Cake Walkin' Babies