Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sing it out

LilyCat on Stuff - April 19 - 12-2PM
David Newman came back in to play songs - (He is in the Beanweevils & Herman Hate Quartet)

It was great!

Playlist (other songs played from CDs):
Antsy Pants -Vampire and Tree Hugger Budderball - Jesus got high (two versions)
Gun & Doll Show - Throw away people
Charlotte Summer - Wasted
Patsy Cline - Walking after midnight
Ian Brennan- The girl who can't say 'no'
Ferocious Few - Girl in red dress
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash
Goovie Ghoulies - Lonely Heart Blues and Ghoulies are Go!

Beanweelvis - Revolutionary Pyromaniac & Preet little A cups
David Newman - Cabie Song

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tongues and feet

LilyCat on Stuff - April 12 - 12-2PM
In the studio we had three members (Dave, Pickles, Barry) of the four piece band -
The Tongues - http://www.
--- We talked about their new CD, upcpming Europe Tour, funny show stories, and their music in general.

And there was a call in from Rick Castro of Antebellum Gallery -
--- We talked all about feet fetish and the lost of his pet fish.

The Tongues
1) Miss Polly
2) Machine
3) Ignorance & Bliss
4) Breakaway
5) # 1
6) See You Around

The Lucky Stiffs - Clement Shoes
Winsome Griffles - Birthday Party Clown
Jake Lukeman - Boys & Girls (ode to Ed Wood)
X - Los Angeles

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Puppets, music, laughter... o'my

LilyCat on Stuff - April 5 - 12-2PM
In the first half..Interviewing Angelique X-Stacy of the Shadow Circus Creature Theater -
We talked about puppets their shows, Goth- myth themes, played songs from their shows, talked about how they all got together, and their other art and musical projects.

In the second - David Newman came in to play songs and talk about taxi riding manners (He is in the Beanweevils & Herman Hate Quartet)
He played quirky - happy -dark pop songs with twisted and deep lyrics

Playlist (other songs played from CDs):
Rat's of an unusual size - Seseme Street
Avenue Q Soundtrack - If you were gay
Shadow Circus Creature Theater - Spirit of the trees, Closing song, Kafla love song,,,
Jill Tracy - Evil Night together
Little Shop of Horrors - Prologue
Shanghai 5 - Dead Man in a Motel Room & Your Drama
BudderBall - Girls who are dead and strung out & Grandpa Gus
Tom and Jerry Song track - god's little creatures
Primus -Pudding Time
Carne Asada - Not a real band