Monday, May 28, 2007

Shake it and Wank it

Lily Cat on Stuff – May 26, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Shake it and Wank it
Interview with:
Eric and Dana making a documentary called 'Wank' and Living Burles

There was a great conversation about mastrubation - it's history, the people's views on it, it as a safe sex method, the Mastrubat-a-thon, and more..

Also, we learned about Isis' burlesque and dance history and present/ future shows and plans; and her tantara teaching.

Generally we had a great talk about expressing sexuality and pleasing one's self.

PLAYLIST (not in Order)
Pansy Division - Boyfriend Wanted
BudderBall - Women who are dead and strung out
Bitesize - Understudy
Avenue Q Soundtrack - Internet is for Porn
Fugazi - Suggestion
The Gun & Doll Show - The Toughest Thing
The Clash - Lost in a Supermarket
Blue Period - Go Go Happy Girl
Merchants of the New Bizzare - the theme from the blob
Shanghai 5 - Better on Fire
Butthole Surfers - Underdog
Helmet - Gigantic

Mediate and Destroy

Lily Cat on Stuff – May 19, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
What is your Morbid Curiosity?
Interview with:
Sarah Fisher the director of "Mediate and Destroy"
Kitten on the Keys via the phone

Sarah and I talked about the film making process, the documentary it's self, the past life of Noah Leviene and his present work with troubled youth, buddahism, and the cool animation they use in the film.

Kitten and I talked about her new CD, travel plans, Betty Bop and the Hayes Code, and her musical influences.

PLAYLIST (not in Order)
Buckwheat Zydeco - Zydeco Honktonk
Mark Growden - Fatalistic Hoedown
Gogol Bordello - God-like
Rev. Horton Heat - Jezabel
The Evens - Blessed Not Lucky
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Lethal Injection
The Porkers - Enter Porkerman & Chemical Imbalance
Knights of the New Crusade - Ain't No Monkeys in my Family Tree and E is for Evil
Jerry Springer - the Opera - Satan & Jesus Spat
Kitten on the Keys - Betty Boop, Pope Mobile, Peta Puta, The PussyCat Song

Sunday, May 13, 2007

What would Marshall McLuhan Do?

Lily Cat on Stuff – May 12th, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
What would Marshall McLuhan Do?
Interview with:
Gerry Fialka – Film maker, musician, and running the PXLs Film Festival & 7 Dudley Cinema -
(and his friends radio man -Dan and the poet- Theresa )

Gerry Fialka - an expermental film maker - a man you can string quote upon quote to a make a pargraph of metaphors and paradortics of brillence (basic he knows alot of deep stuff and academic art stuff). He brought a friend from a college radio station, and a poet, who read about her menstral cycle.
We talked about art medium, self censorship, and the power of art and language (and played music).

PLAYLIST (Not really in order):
1)Kitten on the Keys – “Not a Pretty Princes Day”
2) X- Los Angeles
3) Joy Rippel – Loser
4) Fugazi – Bed for the Scraping
5) Suzy Williams & the J-Tones –Betcha Never Heard of Them, Jump up, and Mister Friendly
6) Frank Zappa
7) Soundtrack to Naked Lunch
--Plus a few folks that Gerry gave me to play that I can’t remember how to spell…

Monday, May 7, 2007

Dischord and Ukelele


Lily Cat on Stuff – May 5th, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Dischord and Ukelele
Interview with:
Phone in interview with Ian MacKaye – Minor Threat, Fugazi, The Evens… Dischord Records -
In the studio – Uni and her Ukelele -

It was a very good and chaotic show.

Lady Monster was with me doing her training for her first show later that afternoon.

I ranted about how New Orleans is still is bad shape and about Bush turning down foreign aid for New Orleans. And I did my usual safe sex – PSA thing.

Then Ian MacKaye called in (yea! Ian – big thanks to him) – We talked about doing shows alternative venues – the laws around that, economic and social reasons why people mostly do in bars, and ways around that. We talked about street musicians and political protests.

During my conversation with Ian – Uni came in with her Ukelele , so after finishing talking to him, we chatted with Uni about her upcoming tours and her dong street performances with friends; also she played a couple of songs.

PLAYLIST (Not really in order):
1) ZydePunks - A Fistful of Oysters & Satan/ Dance you Fukr (they are a New Orleans Punk like band with Zydeco influences)
2) Dash Rip Rock - Toy Box (from New Orleans)
3) Carne Asada – Gringo (From the “Punk Like Me” Documentary – Mariachi Punk)
4) Mulletor – Love that Hair (a old lover of mine does their graphics and animation – It is a rock opera – very funny)
5) Free Head – Here Kitty, Kitty (Jim Smith – who did the music for ‘Ren & Stimpy”- is in this short lived band)
6) John Lee Hooker – I’m so Excited (a classic musician)
7) The Evens – Pushed Against the Wall (Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina’s band)
8) Uni & her Ukelele – Tell me that my world is Pink not Blue & See your face again (from her CD – “My Favorite Letter is U) – big kisses to Uni & best wishes on her tour.