Saturday, September 29, 2007

ShEvil Dead Live on PCR

Lily Cat on Stuff – September 29, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Interviewed: Windigo Jones of the ShEvil Dead team of the Bay Area Derby Girlies
( and roller derby girl in training - Flash Morgan

We talked about the history of the sport, how to become a roller derby girl, how the sport is played, safety, costumes, player name choices, and the DIY nature of the league....

Playlist (not in order):
The Cramps - Route 66
Eric McFadden - Voodoo Lady
The Atomic Fireballs -Man With The Hex
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Lay Me Low
Cherry Poppin Daddies - Here come the Snake
Squirrel Nut Zippers- Hell
Goovie Ghoulies - She's my Vampire Girl
Rob Zoombie - Living Dead Girl
Peggy Lee - Fever
Storm Larger - Lady Like
Airborne Toxic Event - Does this mean you're moving on?
Amy Winehouse - Stranger than Me
Dougie B - Work IT

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fact vs Fantasy

Fact vs Fantasy
Lily Cat on Stuff – September 22, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Interviewed Memorie writer Kirk Read and David Robson - the playwriter of ZOLA X A -a
romantic, Gangster fantasy now at the Dark Room Theater.

We talked about many things: their writing - past- present - future, influences, their college experiences (they went to the same college), how people respond to being written about, SF arts community, same sex marriages (the Limited Marriage bill ), low- income housing, and health care, 'Naked Lunch', and more....

Playlist (not in order):
Nerf Herder - Welcome to my World
Storm Larger - Lady-Like
William S. Burroughs &R.E.M. Star ME Kitten
King Dapper Cambo - Save It for the Vampire
Bambi Lake - Song to the Siren
Candy Kane - Swango
The Dresden Dolls - Mandy goes to Med School
Late Fees - Can I take your Medicine
Tom Waits - Pasties and G-String

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sins Invalid

Sins Invalid
Lily Cat on Stuff – September 8, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Interviewed three great artist and activist who are involved in Sins Invalid Sexuality and Disability
In the studio we had
hip hop artist and activist - Leroy Moore (who also has cerebellar palsy:
Writer and activist - Solidd (who is also intersex)
On the phone writer -Peggy Munson (who also has serve chemical sensitivity)

We talked about stero-types and what the real reality of things is.
We talked about all people being beautiful sexual beings.
Art and creative in life, sex and part of necessity was discussed
basically, we talked about how people treat people with disablities (or different in general) and how they should.

Playlist (not in order):
Shiver - Take it to the Night
Mat Fraser - Outsider
Tracks off of the Sins Invalid soundtrack
The Disposable Heros of the Hiphoprisy - Every Day Life Has become a health risk &
TV the Drug of the Nation
Marginal Prophets -Open Letter to the Close Minded & Best Lover
Straight Outta Hunters Point Soundtrack - Hectic
Avenue Q soundtrack - I'm not wearing underwear today

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Little Pony

My Little Pony
Lily Cat on Stuff – September 1, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
Interviewed Dorian Katz an artist with a pony personality - poopers -

We talked about being a pony and her Pooper's Shoppers art project. We talked about the Pony and Dog Show events and about learning more about yourself as life goes on.

Also, I promised I would burn something on Ocean Beach in December (For all those Burners, who had their adult Christmas party ruined) if I get people to donate $10 to Project Open Hands ( and we raised $1,000.00 for a special treat fund (so for Christmas we can get a special treat for the people who get food from Project Open Hand)

Playlist (not in order):
Organ Failure - The Land Where Ponies and People Are Friends
Kitten on the Keys - Pony Girl
Fugazi - Birthday Pony
Limbomaniacs - Porno
Carne Asada - Donkey Show
Insecto -Bondage Girl
They Might Be Giants - Lady is a Tramp
Mark Growden's Electric Pinata - FuckBoy
FreeHead - Here Kitty Kitty
Blue Period - Go Go Happy Girl
Twenty Minute Loop - She Hated Dogs
Throw Rag - Beware of the Dog
Amy X Neuburg & Men - Empire