Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pirate Radio on Pirate Radio

September 20- noon-2PM - Lilycat on Stuff
In the cafe DJ Monkey of Pirate Cat Radio and Captain Fred of Berkley Radio.... they talked about the technological how, the whys, law, benefits, where to get equipment, what to do to get started, and other things.. about community, low-watt, pirate radio.

Rube Waddell - Stink Bait - Mean Eye Cat - local & theme song
Little Shop of Horrors - Soundtrack - WSKID - musical
They Might be Giants - Miscllaneous T - Hey, Mr. DJ You Said we Had a Deal - Indy
The Balls - Hanging with the Balls - Anarchy En Espanol - Indy
Minor Threat - Complete Discography - God Guys (don't wear white) - classic punk rock
Jennifer Blowdryer - homemade CD - Stole My Camera - local
Uncle Bonsai - Plain Brown Wrapper - Don't Put it in Your Mouth -PSA song
NOFX - Protect (Compilation) - Leaving Jesusland - Indy
The Grave Brothers Deluxe - Little Love Things - Shotgun Silence & The Goddam Sky - local
Pussy Tourette - Homemade CD - If You Don't Want to Buy It - Drag Queen
Killian MacGeraghty - Male Singer Songwriter - Catch and Release - local & new
Ricky Berger - First Album - Warning - local & new
Winsome Griffles - Meet the Griffles - Family Tradition - local & new
Uni and her Ukelele - My Favorite Letter is U - See Your Face Again - local
The Slow Poisoner - Roadside Alter - T.B Blues -local
Little Shop of Horrors - Soundtrack - Dentist - musical


Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Ready for my Close -up

9/13/08 - Lilycat on Stuff - noon-2PM
In studio interviews with Joie Rey Cohen and Stephanie from
and Stephen Parr from SF Film Achieve and OddBall Films

We talked about gender, film technology, community created by films screenings and technology, power of film, favorite films and film makes, and Prop K and 2

Rube Waddell -Mean Eyed Cat
The Slow Poisoner - The Hex and Run Rooster Run
The Girlfriend Experience - King of Telegraph
Jake Lukeman - Boys & Girls (ode to Ed Wood)
The Grave Brothers Deluxe - Gypsies, Whores, and Doctors
Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom
Pussy Tourette - Heels
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wig in a Box
Gogol Bordello - Shy Kind of Guy and Mussolini vs Stalin

Saturday, September 6, 2008

O' the horror

September 6, 12-2PM
Lilycat on stuff
In studio interview with horror and mystery writer - Simon Wood -
We talked about horror and mysteries in the news, old horror/ sci-fi shows, family secrets, his books, jury duty, and race car driving... and other stuff.

Rube Waddell - Mean Eye Cat
Little Shop of Horrors - Feed Me
BatBoy - Apology to a cow
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Lethal Injection
The Late Fees - I killed a girl
The Robber Barons - Music for Hanging
Shanghai 5 - Dead Man in a Motel Room
Tom Waits - What's he building?
Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
Nick Cave - Lay Me Low