Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where is my guest

Lilycat on Stuff July 26 - 12-2PM
Phone interview with Rick Castro of LA Fetish gallery - Anebellum

Freehead - Here.Kitty Kitty
Jennifer Blowdryer- You stole my camera
Arnold Corp - Preditor
Ansty Pants - Tree Hugger
Candye Kane - Forgive me
Stooges- ATM
Carna Asada - Bullfighter & Weren't areally a band
Blue Period - Papa Paparazzi

Saturday, July 19, 2008

For the Love of Candye

LilyCat on Stuff: July 19 - 12-2PM
Interviewed LadyMonster on the Candye Kane Benefit and let her play alot of Blues songs and Candye Kane songs.

Also I played cat songs looking for a theme song:
Goh- Cute and My Pet's Pet
Pussy Tourette - Fuck my pussy
Kitten on the Keys - My Girl's Pussy
Rube Waddell - Mean Eye Cat
Primus _ Tommy the Cat
FreeHead - Here Kitty Kitty
Storm & the Balls - Can Your Pussy do the Dog

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The artist in you

LilyCat on Stuff - July 12 - 12-2PM
Today's show - filmaker/ tech wrangler - Nanette Rosen (, we talked about new technology, the 48 Hour Film Festival and other ways you can get into, health care, what it takes to make it as an artist in this town and tips on money saving ideas, and how to promote your art.

Nerf Herder - Welcome to my world
The Lawerence Arms - Porno and Snuff Films
SF Mime Trope - Savin Seeds
The Merry Widows - My High Heels
The Mutants - Tribute to Russ Meyer
Jake Lukeman - Boys & Girls (Ode to Ed Woods)
Nik Pheleps & the Sprocket Ensemble - Flip Film
X - Los Angeles
Dealership - TV Heart
They Might be Giants - Hello Radio
Ani Difranco -Freakshow
The Robber Barrons - Music for a Hanging
Butthole Surfers - Underdog
Little Shop of Horrors - WSKID & Ya Never Know
The Beanweevils - I'm sooo Happy

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rock & Roll and what it never does...

LilyCat on Stuff - July 5 - 12-2PM
In studio interview with author Deborah Grabien on her new book
"Rock and Roll Never Forgets", rock-n-roll, about dealing with MS,new ways to promote you book, and the coyotes & the feral cats in Golden Gate Park.

Gun and Doll Show - Death of rock-n-roll
Henry Rollins Band - Too much rock and roll
Rick Springfeild - Who killed rock-n-roll
Rev. Horton Heat - Martini time
Orginal Sinner - Whiskey for Supper
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Eric McFadden - Freaks Like Us
Killian MacGeraghty - Catch and Release
and a The Who song