Saturday, June 23, 2007

And it wasn't even 420

Lily Cat on Stuff – June 23, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
And it wasn't even 420
- Interviewed - Tony D of the Cannabis Medical Clinic

We talked about the changing medical marijuana laws, what is happening with the whole card system, and inside the pot clubs. We talked about general medical marijuana benefits and about the positive other services of pot clubs.

For more info on all these issues go to:

For the history of marijuana:

And we talked about Camp Sunburst - a summer camp for children with HIV:


Drug set:
The Rev. Horton Heat - Marijuana
Minor Threat - Straight Edge
Dash Rip Rock - Smoke Some Pot
Little Shop of Horror - Don't Feed the Plants

Pride Set:
Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom
Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl
Avenue Q - If You Were Gay
Pansy Division - Fem in a Black Leather Jacket

News Set:
Happy Tones - Dear Ralph Nader
Organ Failure - A List of Things that Are Bad

Extra stuff:
A New Brain Soundtrack - The Homeless Woman Revenge
Thee Out Mods - untitled work
Eric McFadden -Voodoo Lady

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lily Cat on Stuff – June 16, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
ReSearch Life
- Interviewed - V. Vale & Marian Wallace of ReSearch Publications -

We talked about the DirkFest and Dirk himself, we talked about state of independent publishing, what groups hurt indy publishers, importance of reading and research, about their 'Counter Culture Hour' TV show, new media projects they are doing, the importance of community, and much more..... It was great listen to the podcast.

PLAYLIST (not in Order)
Fugazi - Birthday Pony
Little Shop of Horrors Sound Track - Feed Me
Tribe 8 - Daredevil delivery
Henry Rollins Band - Soul Implant
Ramones - Today your Love, Tomorrow the World
Grease Soundtrack - Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
Bambi Lake - The Music Makes Me Dance
Iggy Pop - Search and Destroy

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In my birthday suit

Lily Cat on Stuff – June 9, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM (2PM-4PM covered Lady Monster's shift)
In my birthday suit
- The wonderful writer and amazing beauty- Raina Bird co-hosted

We got phone calls from:
-Film Maker & musician - Leslie Chain -
-Director of Shotwell Studio & Footloose Dance Company - Mary- Alice Fry -
- Musician Groovy Judy -
- Writer & publisher - Charlie Anders -
- Wacky film maker - "Gordon Winiemko -

We talked about Pride month, getting older, cross dressing relatives, bad men, and crazy stuff that happened to us.

PLAYLIST (not in Order)
ABBA - Dancing Queen
The Atomic Fireballs - Lover Lies
The Rocky Hoor Sound Track - Rose Tint My World
Tribe 8 - Sleep Deprivation & Queen of the Scene
X - Adult Books
Cramps - I'm Customized
The Bat Boy Sound Track - Apology to a Cow
The Dresden Dolls - Sex Changes
The Freak Accident - Never Going Back to Petaluma
Mulletor - Bad Ass Mullet
Nick Cave - Thirsty Dog
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wig Box
Goovie Ghoulies - Hello Again
Jerry Springer the Opera -Bigger then Oprah Winfrey
Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
Throw Rag - Beast in Me
Elvis Costello - Sulky Girl
Pansey Division - Fem in a Black Leather Jacket
Dr Frank - She Turned Out to Be Crazy
Merchants of the New Bizarre - National Anthem
Organ Failure - Cookie Prision Blues
Little Shop of Horrors - Somewhere That's Green
Avenue Q Soundtrack - If you were Gay & The Internet is for Porn

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Gun & Doll Show

Lily Cat on Stuff – June 2, 2007 – 12PM- 2PM
The Gun & Doll Show
Interview with:
Killian MacGeraghty of The Gun & Doll Show -

We talked about his music and we played a bunch of songs off of the six records he is making right now:

We played Misery, Bricked up, Crazy, Too Poor, Daddy & Son, the Happy birthday Song, Cake House, and a song about the myth of good and evil...

PLAYLIST (not in Order)
The Gun & Doll Show - Dath od Rock-n-roll
The Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack - Dental Music, Skid Row, Grow for me
Muntants - War against Girls
Fugazi - Burning Too
Jerry Springer Opera Soundtrack - Talk to the Hand