Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogs and gender

LilyCat on Stuff - March 29nd - 12-2PM
Interviewing in the studio - Sarah Dopp - blogger, poet, and an interesting person in gender choices and general.
and call in from Rick Castro of Antebellum Gallery -

Storm Large - Ladylike
Blue Period GoGo Happy Girl
Antsy Pants - Vampire
Rats of Unusual Size - Elvis and the Martians
Jerry Springer the Opera - Mama Gimmee Smack on the Ass
Winsome Griffles - Atheist Gospel Song
The Rev. Horton Heat - Cowboy Love
The Beanweevils - Plak!
Pansy Division - Boyfriend Wanted
Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl
Marginal Prophets - Best Lover

Sunday, March 23, 2008

global health and the pirate cat

LilyCat on Stuff - March 22nd - 12-2PM
Interviewing in the studio - Dana Curran co-founder of World Savvy - - World Savvy helps encourage students and teachers to be more aware about World Affairs. This year the did a World Affairs Challenge -this year's challenge theme: global health.

The Evens - You won't feel a thing
Kitten on the Keys - Nurses
The Lat Fees - Can I take your medicine
The Gretchen's - Nelson's Choking
Bitesize - pre-med
The Dresden Dolls - Mandy goes to medical school
Organ Failure - Transfusion/ Brain Disease
The Porkers - Chemical imbalance
The Gun and Doll Show - Fat Police
Bedlam Rovers - Scream
Eric McFadden - el cuarto & devil moon
The Gretchen - Turtlehead & Teresa piece o' poo

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coach me

LilyCat on Stuff - March 15th - 12-2PM
Interviewing in the studio Life Coach - Michael Vav and over the phone musician Jose Promis -

We got some good coaching of me and Jose in and general talk about Life coaching.

Uncle Bonsai -Don't Put it in your mouth
The Gretchens - Roaches in My Pants & Cross- dresser
Antsy Pants - Vampire
Winsome Griffles - Family Values
Jose Promis - Drinking Alone & 29 Again & Lovers for a night
Grass Widow - Cut it all off & Green Screen

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slap me in the ass and call me progessive

Lily Cat on Stuff – March 8, 2008 – 12PM- 2PM
Interviews with two smart and amazing writers:
Stephen Elliott-
Raina Bird -

We talked about politics, rent control (which we may be losing), fair market value, New Orleans after Katrina, the truth and fiction in memoirs, and S&M- in the Pirate Cat Radio beautiful new studio/ cafe.

Happytones - I hate Republicans
Winsome Griffles - Atheist Gospel Song
Gogol Bordello - Greencard Husband
Naked Barbies- I'm Not Going Anywhere
Dash Rip Rock - Born on the Bayou
Cramps - Ultra Twist
Modest Mouse = Jesus was an only child
Strom Large - Beautiful